The Convergence Hour

Leading Education Through the Second Renaissance

Today, we find ourselves leading through a second renaissance, marked in our education system by a transition from the traditional classroom to modern, relevant learning experiences. At the 2020 Convergence Hour, hear first from a practitioner effectively leading a school district to the future of learning, next from a global expert on developing new pathways to navigate progress amid the second renaissance, and finally from an education futurist dedicated to cultivating a national vision for the future of learning and reverse-engineering the practical pathway to actionize it.

Our Common Language:

The Value in our
Collective Leadership

Dr. Michael Nagler

Superintendent, Mineola Public Schools, New York

From Chaos to Clarity:

Mapping the New World through the Education Lens


Chris Kutarna

Co-Author, Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance


Mastering the Digital Convergence Framework


Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Author, The Digital Convergence Collective Body of Work