General Assembly

8am - 10am

State of the Industry Address

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Dr. David Richards

National Council on
Digital Convergence

Fraser Public Schools, MI


Dr. David Richards, Chairman of the National Council on Digital Convergence, will unveil the Council's latest findings for the 2017-2018 school year.

As Network member districts are making significant strides through the Framework, the Council has developed the insights in the State of the Industry Report on Digital Convergence to offer insider perspectives and to synthesize best practices for scaling the modern learning environment. Don't miss out on the very first glimpse of these valuable insights.




Convergence - when ideas, concepts, and entities inform one another to create a greater whole. When the 5 Drivers of K-12 education converge successfully, the result is a more agile and aligned learning ecosystem that is efficient, effective, and impactful.

To scale change in K-12 education, it is also imperative to consider the convergence of education with social, cultural, political, scientific, and economic influences. When these Drivers converge successfully, the result is a more agile and aligned community that will remain at the leading edge of innovation and advancement. 

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The Shape of Change


Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Former Chief of Schools 
Chicago Public Schools, IL

The New Agenda: Achieving Personalized Learning at Scale Through Digital Convergence

Modern Teacher


Learn how data visualization can help alleviate the barriers to the modern learning environment. Utilization in the Digital Convergence Framework gives district leadership a perspective of progress across the organization like the industry has not yet seen. 

Dr. Shawn K. Smith is dedicated to leveraging both Framework utilization and Framework visualization as a method for synthesizing both diagnostics and best practices for transforming teaching and learning at scale.