The Convergence Hour

 February 5th Morning General Assembly | 8:30 am

The Role of Community in the Future of Learning

Convergence - when ideas, concepts, and entities inform one another to create a greater whole. How can our public education system converge with our communities to make learning experiences more relevant for students? How can we shift the paradigm of the traditional school system to ensure that the education/community dynamic maintains relevance for future generations of educators and learners? Hear from three experts on community convergence at NCDC19's Convergence Hour.

Reimagining Where Learning Happens

DavID Tebo

Hamilton Community Schools, MI


City Design AND how we Think, Feel, Act, & Learn

Charles Montgomery

Urban Design Consultant, Award-Winning Journalist, & Author of Happy City

From Silos to Systems:
School, Community, & the World of Work

Dr. David Miyashiro

Cajon Valley Union School District, CA